17 janeiro 2024

What’s New In Popilush’s Latest Shapewear Collection?


Sometimes we need a visual makeover. You don't need to change your entire style, just update your closet. This way, you can use your creativity to create new looks by combining pieces you already had with new ones, such as a bodysuit shapewear. It is possible to create several different combinations, as it adapts to many other pieces of clothing that you probably already have in your personal collection.

Popilush follows the main fashion trends and delivers pieces that suit women's particular taste, as they are assertive. Fashion is full of new things, which is why it is important to constantly update yourself.


New bodysuit shapewear models to complement your collection

It is possible to create very attractive compositions using a modeling bodysuit with compressed lining and lace details. This novelty brings a deeper and more structured neckline through the V-shaped steel ring, allowing you to adjust your breasts to create a sexier appearance. You get modern support through seamless lining cups to mold a smoother shape. The adjustable straps are excellent as they make the bodysuit adapt as best as possible to your body shape.

Popilush’s Shapewear

A shapewear dress adapts to different events of your Day

You can invest in different models to expand your closet. Furthermore, it is always good to invest in options that make you more beautiful and with high self-esteem. You can achieve full body shaping through a new arrival shaper dress with elastic, soft fabric that imitates jeans, a trend that will never go out of style.

The body takes on a very elegant and feminine S-shape. You can move around freely without worrying about your dress pulling, as it has an SBS bronze metal zipper. This item is durable and delivers refinement through a retro look. The butt receives a new shape through the buttock lifting system. It's the perfect type of clothing for you to go to work.


In addition to the dress, the jumpsuit shapewear gives you modeling in a single piece

A jumpsuit is the perfect one-piece to choose when you don't want to wear a dress, but still want practicality. The square collar makes you more modern with a youthful look. Furthermore, the shape of flare pants is an important fashion trend that expands your silhouette, making you slimmer and longer.

It works for thinner women, as it helps curves by creating volume in the leg area. And it also works for women with larger body volume as it balances the upper and lower body easily.

A midi dress is an essential piece in your closet

It is possible to create a perfect waist shape with the modeling mesh that is built into the abdomen area. The tight shape leaves your curves more defined and the round neck is classic. Furthermore, the curves of the legs gain a smoother appearance due to the mesh design that provides essential modeling to the region.

This body shaping dress has many facilitating features, with the hidden zipper in the back area being very useful when putting on and taking off the piece. You also don't have to worry about wearing underwear, as the crotch area is made from cotton fabric. 

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