19 janeiro 2021

Different Hairstyles For Winter In Yolissa Hair

Are you still anxious about how to choose a perfect hair wig for winter? Don’t worry, today’s article will guide you throughout. Let’s read on.

  1. Different Hairstyles For Winter

In the winter for most people are dull and lonely because of little sunshine, and a lot of snow. The color in winter is mainly white that makes people feel routine and uninteresting. Wearing the fresh-colored wigs can color the tedious winter and bring the cold winter warm color.

  1. Different Hairstyles Wigs Recommendation

Recently we have added two new features on the home page, you can select your preferred wigs through hair textures and hair colors like the below pictures shows:

And next, I will recommend some different typical hair wigs for winter in Yolissa Hair to you:

  1. Water Wave Wigs - Water Wave Long 13x6 Lace Front Wigs

Water wave hair is always popular among most customers, as it has small and tight curls which can make people look younger and more lovely.

This individual water wave hairstyle with a 13x6 lace front wig comes to a perfect wig. The 13x6 lace front wigs have 13 inches width lace which can completely cover human foreheads from ear to ear. The wide lace area can help make the whole wig’s style more real effectively.

human hair lace front wigs with baby hair

  1. Body Wave Wigs - Body Wave #27 Lace Front Wigs

Compared with water wave hair, body wave wigs show totally different feelings. Although body wave hair is not as tight as water wave, it can reflect how a stylish, feminine woman looks like.

We choose the #27 honey blonde hair color to match this body wave lace front wigs. #27 honey blonde is a warm and tender color for winter, it is not as shining as 613 blonde, it is mild which can make people feel peace and calm. That’s why we set it as our special recommendation.

body wave 27 and ombre lace front wigs

  1. Straight Wigs - 613 Blonde Straight Lace Front Wigs

Straight hair is a special hair texture that doesn’t have any curls, it always flows down like a stream on your shoulders which really brings out women’s beauty and charm. Although most people like to make their heads be crowned by wavy hair, I believe straight hair will come back strongly one day.

Besides, choosing 613 blonde hair color to match a straight lace front wig do enriches the whole wig’s effect a lot. As 613 blonde is a sparkling and eye-catching color. Wearing a 613 blonde wig can help every girl to realize their princess dreams.

Blonde Hair Lace Front Wigs Human Straight

  1. Loose Deep Wave Wigs - Loose Deep Long Lace Front Wigs

  2. Deep Wave Wigs - Deep Wave Long Lace Front Wigs

Loose deep wave hair and deep wave hair are all in one direction, the main difference between these two hair textures is the tightness of curls. In appearance, we can see that the curls of loose deep wave hair are looser than deep wave hair. Different tightness shows different feelings. I can’t say which one is better. Everyone has their own preference, just pick up your favorite hairstyle.

For these two hair textures - loose deep wave hair and deep wave hair, we both choose long lace front wigs to match them. As on a cold winter day, a long hairstyle may be more suitable, people can be warm and fashionable.

  1. Curly Wigs - Long Curly 13x4 Lace Front Wigs

Curly hair is an outstanding hairstyle for most people, the curls of curly hair are not like deep wave, they are irregular which can frame people’s face. That’s why most African American women do like it.

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  1. Loved your post! Thanks for sharing! <3


  2. I wanted a curly wig.
    It look too gorgeous.
    I have only one wig and it is blond but I love it.
    Great post.
    Pam Lepletier

  3. Que lindas, amei a dica de loja. Eu sou doida para testar uma peruca curtinha para matar a vontade de cortar o cabelo rs.
    Adoro essa ideia de poder se transformar sem precisar ser definitivo.

  4. Eu sou louca pra ter uma peruca dessas.
    Só acho os valores um pouco salgado, mas vale o investimento se usar bastante.
    bjs www.diadebrilho.com

  5. Olá Leslie. Caramba achei muito lindas essas perucas principalmente essa loira que você colocou no post. Vou entrar no site da loja pra ver outros modelos por que achei lindas e parecem ser de e alta qualidade.

  6. Adorei as dicas! Não conhecia a marca


  7. Se não me falassem que é peruca nem já saber! São lindas demais ❤️


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